Custom designs

@galferdexign is a think tank. Design is one of our pillars, but our creative proposals do not end there.

We offer a comprehensive design and production service to integrate your own line of sunglasses and accessories into your fashion collections:

With personalized advice and market research. We will help you create designs that convey the identity of the brand and the formal language of the products.

Each project is personalized and all designs go through a process of both hand sketches and digital design proposals.

We take care of all the details, working on 3D models, engineering, feasibility studies and ergonomics.

During the process of creating your own sunglasses, you will have access to real fiberglass prototypes to analyze the measurements and confirm the design in person.

Our goal is a final result that makes a difference. We can produce in large quantities, but we can also adapt to the individual needs of each project.

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