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GALFERDEXIGN is a laboratory of ideas.
A laboratory in which the ingredients since 2019 have always been the same: Design as the maximum expression, Personal growth as a lifestyle, Enthusiasm for representing our unknown region, Extremadura (Spain) and the active fight against a social cause that we know closely, bullying.
José Fernández Gallego , a car designer with experience in Italy, Germany, Japan, China and the United States, wanted to shape the way of seeing life in the purest @galferdexign style: With a unique and recognizable product from a distance, of high quality and with a touch of elegance and minimalism. This is how Chacho Model, Jigueras Model and Cascandito Model were born, in a drawing book at the foot of Siberian Extremadura, with their names from our almost extinct dialect called “castúo” or “estremeñu”.
In our fight against school bullying, we joined the Spanish Association for the Prevention of School Bullying by contract to give visibility to the problem. All the funds from our mobile cover our “Anti Bullying” mobile cover are destined to the AEPAE .
“We all have that extraordinary side, let us see yours”

our best sellers


Unique and patented model, inspired by our culture and traditions. Its name means fig tree in Spanish, a word that comes from the Castúo dialect of Extremadura (Spain). Its innovative design has a structure composed of floating circular lenses. Our goal is that you enjoy them as much as we do designing it.


A dream come true. A project where illusion and hard work give birth to a unique and patented design. Also inspired by our land, its name refers to the diminutive of “boy” or young man. It brings innovations such as its unique floating structure and its panoramic lenses, as well as giving a different silhouette to the face of the wearer.


Another word from our beloved and unknown Extremaduran language that means “Awake, daring and gossipy person, who likes to know everything, always be up to date with what is happening around.” That’s what my grandmother called me when I was little and this model is dedicated to her, wherever you are, this is for you dear Paula. The design is in one piece, with floating lenses, made of high quality materials such as acetate, metal and lenses with UV400 tested total sun protection, with “anti-blue” or “anti-fatigue” lenses for eye fatigue .

about josé

I am José Fernández Gallego , a Spaniard from the most rural and unknown area of Spain, Extremadura. Younger brother of a middle-class family uninterested in cars or creation, and focused on more technical and pragmatic aspects of life.

I am an extremely curious person, very demanding with myself, ambitious, self-taught and with great enthusiasm.
I studied Transportation Design at the IAAD in Turin (Italy). I finished my studies in 2013 with a lot of desire to conquer the world, and in 2020, after years of experience in the Automotive Design sector, I dreamed of starting a business, creating a legacy, a brand with a soul that would fight against the bullying that I knew from small, and with doing something for my region, Extremadura.
I decided to create @galferdexign, a laboratory of concepts inspired by my cultural roots in Extremadura, in my passion for creation and design, to give life to unique objects that excite young people, to excite them and that with work and passion, not even the sky is the limit, because friend, we are all extraordinary beings

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